July 28th, 2008

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Stolen from ~*~debunkingwhite ~*~:

Two recent national philanthropy reports have released information indicating that Gay funders contributed $37 million in one year to GLBT organizations across the United States. Native American Two Spirit People, the poorest of all the GLBT communities, received only 4 small grants of about $2,500. The average grant to gay organizations nationally is $16,000 a year. Gay funders have a mission to serve all equally, but it's time for a summit with the Two Spirit People here in our ancestral domains to help the funders achieve their mission. Two Spirit People have significant spiritual and ceremonial roles in our Native cultures, and Gay Philanthropy has a significant role to play in realizing a vision of funding-justice and social justice with our people.

Petition: Campaign for Native GLBT Funding Justice.
The Two Spirit Press Room.

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