May 11th, 2008

The Queer Website Project is seeking more contributors!

x-posted furiously.

What we're trying to do

The Queer Web Project aims to make a friendly, welcoming community, enabling communication and information sharing across a global community of queers, building bridges between disparate queer communities. We aim to tie together a number of unsatisfactory, unrelated web technologies the queer community currently uses in the absence of something specifically for us. We aim to raise awareness and provide good information as to what queer means for different people to individuals, media, organisations and governments.

We aim to create a safe, non-commercial online space, by queers for queers. We will create a bespoke site using the latest web technology; combining (amongst other things) social networking, multimedia hosting, email and blog hosting as well as facilities for small groups to set up their own web presence painlessly and easily.

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