April 15th, 2008

hey guys

I have been talking to a couple of friends of mine (we're all queer ladies-they're a couple, I'm not, we're not schtupping each other, or I guess really I'm not schtupping them, but we are really good old friends), but anyhow we've been talking for the last year or so about the possibility of co-parenting in the future. (we're in our mid-20s) This is something has great potential to be legally and socially problematic, though we'd probably raise some really awesome kids, too. Can you all suggest any particular resources, online or otherwise, that might be of help? Most of the stuff I've found on co-parenting is about what to do post-divorce, and has suggestions like "Be nice. Communicate frequently. Don't overburden your child by acting like an asshole....etc" so what resources might be out there for some homo-folk that want to have babies together?

thanks much.