March 26th, 2008

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Why I don't believe in heterosexuality/ The problem with labels

I apologize if this offends, but I posted this on my personal LJ and wanted to get the word out so to speak.

I'm going to post this to some other LJ communities later, but I figured I'd start it here. So I'm just gonna copy/paste this from here on out.

Let me start off by saying that, for the longest time, even pre-puberty I felt that love was love. When puberty hit me with it's pimply, squeaky voiced shovel I started to notice feelings for both sexes pop up. So to speak. Some days girls dominated my thoughts, other days boys dominated my thoughts. Most of the time, boys beat girls. In high school through the end of Senior year I identified as bisexual. Noone was really surprised, nor did they care. Somewhere along the line, I told myself it was wrong to have feelings for both genders and I had to pick one and stick with it. So, for the longest time, I told myself I was gay. Only gay, no icky girls for me! No matter how hot they were with all their amazing curves and if they'd be nibbling a pencil as they read a book...


It wasn't until my second or so attempt at college when I finally re-came out as bisexual. Truth be told, I really don't feel that "bisexual" fits. But given A, B and C, B is the most accurate. As soon as I started to realize that, yes I can have feelings about boys and girls and not be a freak, I started to see sexuality in a new light.

See, the thing is, I don't think there's such a think as dichotomous sexuality (only two parts). I really think sexuality is fluid for everyone. One day you're more attracted to the opposite then the next day you're more attracted to the same sex. If you really think about it, look at how you start friendships, or relationships in any regards. What's the first thing that draws you to a person? Common interests and a connection. The same things you look for in a mate. Maybe on some, chemical level, there's something sexual in nature going on. I'm an English major, not a science major. My point is that friendships are often times based on very similar things as mates.

On another note, can anyone reading this right now honestly say they've NEVER found someone of the same sex attractive? Sure, it may not be sexual, but be honest, even on some aesthetic level, you can appreciate their beauty. Who's to say on some deep down level, you found them attractive? You may not feel like you want to have sex with them, but the attraction IS there.

I think part of the problem with all this is our society's obsession with labels. Growing up you're always told. "You're either this OR that!". There's a need to say who you are in a nice little package. Try this as an example. List off all your labels.

I am an white, agnostic, Jewish-raised, "bisexual" male, New Yorker by birth, currently a Floridian, college student in the 21-25 year age bracket who is able-bodied but has been diagnosed before with ADHD-Inattentive.

See what I mean? I could go on, but that was pretty much a paragraph right there. Why can't we just say: "I'm Jason. Nice to meet you."

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interested in attending a NOLOSE envelope-stuffing/ pizza party sometime in LA in the near future?

NOLOSE 2008 is coming up in September (see for date/ location details) and I am interested in hosting an envelope stuffing/ pizza eating party in the LA area to help get out publicity for it. But first, I have to see if there's anyone in the area who'd be interested in attending!

Chances are this will happen sometime over the next couple of months. I live in South Pasadena, easy to get to off the 110, 134, or 10 highways. I have an almost-accessible house, with 2 stairs required to get inside.

If you're interested in an afternoon of paper folding, envelope stuffing and pizza-eating for the sake of NOLOSE, and/or know someone who might be, please let me know soon.

Thanks so much!

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