March 17th, 2008

  • zcme

nolose 2008

NOLOSE 08: save the date! NOLOSE , an annual conference for fat queer women, trans folks and our allies, is in NoHo this year!  Save the date for NOLOSE 2008!
The date has been set! Mark your calendars for NOLOSE '08: September 26th through the 28th (Friday-Sunday).  Meet us by the pool at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Northampton, Massachusetts for a weekend packed with fattastic fun, food, friends and other good stuff!
We're all hard at work, planning to make this year's conference the best ever! There are a lot of exciting things in the works. The Clarion has charm, a great location and a staff that is already excited to hang out with all of us.  As always, choosing a venue was no easy feat. We have a very diverse population and we have lots of factors to take into consideration. All in all, we are pretty psyched about the Clarion, and we are sure most of you will be too.
Keep your eyes open for more detailed information about the conference as it becomes available and, as always, if you have some ideas about what you'd like to see at NOLOSE this year, let us know!  Expect to see a call for workshops in the very near future, because that's how we roll.
And, now, something fun and interactive for you!
We would like to get to know as many members of our community as we can, so please take a few moments and click the link below to answer a couple of questions--even if you think there isn't anything we could possibly not already know about you. We promise it will be brief and the information we gather will help us build our community and make our time together even better.

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