March 3rd, 2008

Big queer portal project

Heya peoples!

Sorry for the extensive cross posting, but I wanted to get as much input in this as possible. I've spoken about this in the past at various gatherings, but I feel the time is ripe for a big, coordinated UK/European/World(?) queer site!

Some things this could involve:

- (the main one) Ability for queer and related groups to have free sub sites as part of it, this would let groups have their own, distinct sites but also have all news and events and so on feed into a big central calendar (as well as specific ones for their own site). This would also mean a single sign in for all your favorite queer sites, coordinated forums, etc etc!
- Some kind of social networking side that's secure from big businesses selling your data! And free hosting for queer band's music and so on (like myspace bands and the like).
- Big file archives of queer video, arts, music, etc.
- Email list hosting that doesn't take forever to approve :)
- Blogs
- Online collaborative authoring of queer books and zines
- RSS feeds for all kinds of queer events and news
- Support and advice for queers making websites
- Possibly in the process create a mobilized queer website workforce that can work together as a co-op and make some income for people on a freelance basis from designers to coders to meeting facilitators.

We are looking at doing this in Drupal 6 when it becomes stable and enough modules get ported. We will use subversion for version control. Therefore we are looking for:

- Drupal 6 coders
- PHP/mysql coders in general
- Graphic designers, both pen and paper and photoshop. We want it to look nice!
- Content editors (non-techie)
- Various facilitators to go out and meet various groups and find out what they want
- Visionaries and critics to always tell us how we can do what we want better!
- Users of all kinds - to add your new project, your band, upload
files,create a load of quality web content.

Please get in touch if you are able to help out in any capacity, there is an email list here: (temporary until we settle on a name)

for coordination.