November 13th, 2007

Age of Innocence
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ghosts brings teh funny

Wikipedia has an amusing, extensive write-up of some of the more common pejorative gay slang... for men and for women... in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and even Serbian. Located [here]

What ever would we do without teh internets?

No more gay culture?

This article made me very angry. It's weird, in the right wing press I come to expect this kind of thing, but in supposedly left wing, liberal press, articles like this just rub me up the wrong way. I think it really sums up the tokenism, and "other"-ness, still, in those circles.,,2209690,00.html

My pink fountain pen has run dry

I think 'writing gay' is a project that is now totally over

Mark Ravenhill
Monday November 12, 2007
The Guardian

Recently, I've been devising a new television series. Part of the job is drawing up a group of 15 or so characters. These are creations who will, I hope, hold my interest as a lead writer week after week and who will, if all goes well, grip the viewers. It's exciting coming up with a diverse bunch of people but as I've worked, I've discovered, much to my surprise, there is one group of characters I really can't be bothered to include in the show. And that's gays.

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