September 10th, 2007

Me, by Bill

My boyfriend Lee is having chest surgery in NYC on Oct 5th

From his LJ
"However, last night I found out I lost my plans for housing in NYC. Yes, for a second time. I've put out about 20 new emails to Craigslist or other sublet systems... but if you know of available rental space or a spare bedroom for October 2-November 2, please contact me about it. I've had stuff fall through twice now and I'm getting a wee bit concerned. My budget can go as high as $3k if need be, including all bills and utilities, but I'd like it to be less. Any ideas? Manhattan preferred, or VERY easy near subway. No more than 2 flights of stairs, internet and TV a must (dvd player preferred), kitchen or partial kitchen a must. 1br apt preferred, studio or room share with understanding folks ok."

If you can help, or just point us in the right direction, I want to be able to take good care of him in a comfy place.


that (hoping my mojo is working) SpencerBear

EDIT: We think we've found a place, thank you for your help.
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