June 22nd, 2007

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Pride Essay: Why I am marching!

I'm marching because I'm scared.

I'm scared because people still feel that serial monogamy is better than polyamory.

I am scared because there are so many people in the LGBT community that are at each others throats.

I'm scared because I was only 4 blocks away when Kevin Aviance was attacked and if I have went west instead of east I might have saved him.

I'm scared because the general populace believes that bisexuality is a phase, be they straight or gay.

I'm scared because there are some gay people no . . . a lot of gay people that are either ashamed or disgusted by effeminate men.
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This wonderful LGBT Pride essay is X-Posted with permission from The Dandy Man, NYC's own bi stand-up comedian & MC extraordinaire. Those of you who attended last year's NYC's Poly Pride Picnic may remember him as your talented MC.

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