May 22nd, 2007


Transphobic film pulled from San Francisco / Frameline international LGBT Film Festival

regardless of whether you think there were other solutions to this problem, please write to Frameline and thank them for handling this and taking a position at all -- so many film fests nationwide have just let this slip in and have allowed the phony "dialogue" to be framed by tired hateful rhetoric.

this transphobic film is also scheduled for outfest in los angeles ( and New York's New Fest on June 2 and June 4 ( please let these festivals know that "sci-fi" is not an excuse for hatred and that San Francisco has refused to entertain such a notion.

* * *

May 22, 2007

After considerable dialogue with members of the transgender community and after careful consideration of the issues raised by Catherine Crouch’s film The Gendercator, Frameline has decided not to screen The Gendercator in Frameline31. Given the nature of the film, the director’s comments, and the strong community reaction to both, it is clear that this film cannot be used to create a positive and meaningful dialogue within our festival. We are grateful to the many Frameline members, filmmakers and Transgender community leaders who brought this issue to our attention and assisted Frameline’s senior staff in making this important decision.

We are deeply committed to promoting the work of transgender filmmakers and films about transgender issues. Frameline Distribution distributes over twenty transgender themed films and over one third of our free monthly Frameline at the Center screenings have been transgender themed. Through the Frameline Completion Fund, we have given funding to the following films: The Brandon Teena Story, Southern Comfort, A Boy Named Sue, By Hook Or By Crook, Screaming Queens: The Riot At Compton's Cafeteria, Red Without Blue, The Believers, Cruel & Unusual, F. Scott Fitzgerald Slept Here, and Maggots And Men.

"Frameline has partnered with Female-to-Male International in jointly sponsoring screenings of transgender films for our community and the public. We have enjoyed our association with Frameline and welcome their timely and community-minded response to the concern we expressed on this issue," stated Rabbi Levi Alter, President of FTM International. "We look forward to continuing our partnership with Frameline to present films of interest by, for and about the transgender community."

Frameline’s Board of Directors and staff are proud of our work with and on behalf of our Transgender community members. Going forward, we will continue working with the community to further our own education and encourage more discussion and understanding within the filmmaking community as a whole. Again, we thank all of our community members for respectfully expressing their concerns and we look forward to sharing our ideas and expanding our partnerships.

Michael Lumpkin
Artistic Director
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