May 20th, 2007


please stop transphobic film from showing nationwide at LGBT film fests

FYI - there is a transphobic film making the rounds at LGBT Film Fests nationwide, slipping in under the radar of "sci-fi." The film depicts a "scary future" of transsexuals and the hero is a lesbian saved from the trans people by the "butch rescue squad." SF's Frameline Festival was unaware of this film's hateful message when it programmed it for the sci-fi venue and SF is now seriously evaluating how to solve this issue and WILL DECIDE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. Please give your input to Frameline:, (and to your own local festivals) and please also sign the petition.

flyer of info about the transphobic filmCollapse )

sign the petition here:
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sorry in advance that I cant really answer all comments/questions, but I have seen the film and it is even worse than the director's note. I think a lot of common questions (re: censorship, hate, phony dialogue) are addressed in the flyer under the cut.