May 15th, 2007

I Go Both Ways

ALERT: bi immigrants and bisexual bi-national families being doubly discriminated against by USA

Dear Bi/Bi-Inclusive Friends,

I just took action on an issue of real significance to a lot of families, and I hope you'll join me.

Nineteen (19) other countries recognize same-sex couples committed to spending their lives together as 'families' for immigration purposes - and the US, shamefully, does not. That means US citizens and legal residents can't sponsor their same-sex partners from other countries, a basic right other Americans enjoy. Read more...Collapse )

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since the dead refused to respond....the navy allows teh gay

Out Sailor Goes to Kuwait

Petty Officer Jason Knight came out, was discharged, then brought back for a mission to Kuwait.
A gay sailor in the U.S. Navy has returned to active duty even though he was discharged two years ago for violating Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
As first reported in Stars and Stripes, Petty Officer Jason Knight was reactivated last year and sent to Kuwait even though he had told his commanders in 2004 that he is gay.

Through what now appears to have been a combination of a hasty separation, misfiled paper work, and an increasingly tolerant attitude by military personnel, Knight was able to circumvent the U.S. military's gay ban. Since reactivation he has been promoted and finished a yearlong tour in Kuwait.

In an interview with Gay City News this week, Knight, 24, said the long struggle with his sexuality only worked itself out in 2004 on his wedding night. He annulled his marriage and came out to his commander, not only to explain the altered circumstances, but also because he believed it was the honorable thing to do.

"I wanted to finally be myself," Knight said. "And I wanted to keep with the core Navy values."

Not surprisingly, Knight was discharged. The Navy also made him pay back a $13,000 sign-up bonus for failing to complete his term of service.
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