March 15th, 2007


Nehirim Spiritual Retreat for LGBTQ Jews (CT)

My apologies if this has already been posted - I'm forwarding this e-mail from a friend who will be teaching workshops there. Retreat halacha info, financial aid info, etc are available on the web page.

I am planning to attend - Is anyone else?

---Forwarded message---

Hi all:

I've been asked to teach this year at the 2007 Nehirim Retreat for LGBTQ Jews. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you there! Below are some of the promotional materials and opportunities for financial aid.

The 2007 Nehirim Retreat for LGBTQ Jews
May 18-20, 2007

Elat Chayyim, Isabella Freedman Center, Falls Village, CT

The Nehirim spiritual retreat is a soulful, heartful gathering where you can connect with your community, relax and refresh, and explore your spiritual path, forming connections that last a lifetime. Our retreats feature:

· A wide range of spiritual options, from traditional shabbat davening to meditation, yoga, and dance.
· Connections with GLBTQ Jews of all ages, religious affiliations, and walks of life.
· Workshops and seminars featuring a wide range of teachers, including, this year, Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Rabbi Jill Hammer, Jay Michaelson, Rabbi Jacob Staub, Ken Page, Judith Miller, Susan Bash, Shoshana Jedwab, Cole Krawitz, and more.
· Dancing, singing, kosher (mostly vegetarian) food, an eruv, tennis courts, hot tub, a lake, country roads - nu, it's the Catskills! [My note: No it's not! It's in CT this year!]

Financial Aid:

Nehirim offers two kinds of financial aid: full scholarships for students, and need-based subsidies for those who require them.
For more information:

Also, I know Elat Chayyim will work with people individually to make it affordable, including setting up a monthly payment schedule, so don't hesitate to contact their office as well for further options.


a vocabulary question

Hey fellow girlsgrrls/boisboys/dykes/fags,fagettes and sundry:

I am working on a poem for a class on gender and sexuality and was wondering what other people out there are using as affectionate, sexual terms for their partners' assholes.  Gender or sex of the partner doesn't matter at all although feel free to tell me if you have particular names/metaphors/understandings of the asshole related to trans identities. Thanks a bunch, I anticipate being fascinated as ever by our ingenuity as a community.