January 16th, 2007

old days

re: Comunity Guidelines


Some of the responses to the last post clearly violated the #1 rule in our community guidelines:

* Absolutely NO personal attacks. You can disagree until the cows come home and say whatever the hell you feel about the topic, but if your post includes personal insults, name-calling, or other petty garbage, it will be deleted. Persistent flaming gets you banned. We mean it.*

I am sick with a bad flu and need to go to bed. I will screen the problematic responses tomorrow early in the day. I'm on the west coast - so that's mid-day for some of you. If you feel your posts have personal attacks within them, feel free to delete yourself.

We are always supportive of difficult/intense, etc. discussions here at postqueer. We just ask that you don't attack each other in the process. We have a good history of keeping lively debate/discussion without falling into flame wars. And that is why many of you have joined and stayed. Please respect this going forward.