December 2nd, 2006

ce moi?

Oh my goddess

It's the Liberal (aka "Canada's natural governing party", but presently out of power) leadership convention this weekend.

Greetings Folks,
at the moment  I'm waiting to find out which of the the two lefty candidates is going beat the right wing one.  Stéphane Dion, who is about as left as a Liberal franco government minister could be (much farther left than you'd think) or Bob Rae, the former New Democratic Party  (social democrats) Premier of Ontario.  The further left the government goes, the further left everything goes.  After Chrétien and Martin (both on the right wing of the Liberal party) this means huge change in Canadian politics.  Steven Harper's government is toast, and the new leader will probably force an election on Harper's minority Conservative (please don't call them Tories, that word describes honest fiscal conservatives) government in the next six months.  Then, we're looking at real change here.  I'm only hoping that the NDP can keep out in front of the Liberals and that we (I'm a born and bred NDPer) can keep them honest.

that (getting ready for Canada to lead some more) SpencerBear

EDIT: a bit of background is at
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