November 8th, 2006


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If Arizona becomes the first state to defeat its gay marriage ban (as those 'crazy/radical' "Beyond Marriage" queers predicted months ago) it is due to the strategy that concentrated on fighting marital status discrimination and preserving protections for all unmarried couples.

This strategy--to argue that marriage should *not* be the line by which people are afforded benefits and protections--not only preserved domestic partnerships but kept the door open for gay marriage to be constitutional. I hope the national gay marriage movement takes note.

Open letter about a hate crime

Many of you have probably read this already. I'm posting it here because I've been intimately involved in supporting Elliott, and this assault has stirred up so much for me.



An open letter to our communities from “Elliott” (a pseudonym), Kate Loewe (, Kathy Ni Keefe (, Samuel Lurie (, and Eli Clare (

We are writing to let our communities know about a recent hate crime that occurred in New Mexico. We are writing to break silence, to create resistance to violence and space for healing, and to build support for the survivor. We are writing in hopes that we can take care of each other, undercut the community-wide fear that comes with hate violence, and work toward justice.

Please note that what follows contains some graphic details, which could be triggering. Also, the survivor is a parent of two children, and this information MUST NOT reach them. (People in New Mexico disability and LGBT communities will know who Elliott is. This reminder is for them.)

Graphic details: Could be triggeringCollapse )