October 27th, 2006

genesis p-orridge

Been aware of this person for a while, but never really read in detail. Takes genderfucking to new levels? Temple ov Psychic Youth, Throbbing Gristle, desired to become the first "pangendered" person...

A singular message is revealed by implication, omission, collision and unity of intent, proposing convincingly that for the first T.I.M.E. in Human Astory we have enough information at our global disposal to allow us the privilege of a real choice to deny the biological unfolding bequeathed to us; to refute the genetic program of a “GOD” (an/the original author) and enabling us to choose to rewrite his DNA (AND) book of (so called) L-if-E. For the first T.I.M.E. (Time Is Measured Energy) each of us actually has the power to deny the inherited body type and birth-given gender pressed unilaterally upon us by nature. We have entered the dawning of the age of the “cut-up” in all its forms; cosmetic surgery, genetic engineering, sampling of audio-visual data, omni-lateral access to the world wide web (or global neuro-system) and to all other methods and processes that include the demystification and deconstruction of linearity. We, as magickal, creative, soul builders are inherently empowered to truly decide which physical, sexual, or inspirationally creative components to include or discard in order to build whatever identity or biological container we chose, no matter how bizarre or physically unlikely, or how socially uncomfortable or disliked. An era of maximized SELF control is upon us. The dematerialization of identity is the last taboo.


check zir out! anyone got any other good articles?