October 18th, 2006

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I was talking to two ftm transpeople at a queer rights gathering nearby.  One, Sam, said he never disclosed that he was trans if he could help it, becuase he didn't feel it was important - as far as he's concerned, he is a man, and that's that.  He absolutely hates that people differentiate between his masculinity and that of a cisgendered male's.  He wishes that he didn't have to deal with The other,  Mark, said that transgendered was an important part of his identity.  He's a man, yes, but he sees his masculinity as inherently different than that of a cisgendered man.  He identified as a butch lesbian woman for a long time.  He always wears transpride things and has absolutely no qualms about disclosing that he's trans.

I'm a cisgendered gay woman, so I have no personal experience in this matter whatsoever.  And of course, it's up to the individual how they indentify and how they present their identity; I'm not questioning the validity of either of their views.  However, I'm curious - out of the transpeople here, how many of you are more like Sam, or are more of you like Mark, in your views on disclosure/identity/etc.? 

If this is offensive somehow, PLEASE take it down, mods, but I certainly don't mean it that way at all - I genuinely want to better understand trans issues. 
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