October 10th, 2006

  • fattest

SF bay area FLESH MOB

Hi folks,

I'd like to announce the SF Bay Area Flesh Mob!

What is a FLESH MOB?

"Flesh Mob" is a play on the phrase, "flash mob," an event in which a large group of people gathers simultaneously in a public place for a brief period of time, then disperses. The gathering appears random and unplanned. It often includes some bizarre activity.

FLESH MOB, then, is a flash mob made up of fat people.

Fat bodies make an impact, in many senses of the word. Fat people turn heads. We inspire awe and curiousity and fear. Imagine what we'd look like in vast numbers!

FLESH MOB gives us an opportunity to do something fun, creative, spontaneous, and powerful. Let's experience the power of fat visibility! Let's give ourselves something to laugh about! Let's see what kind of impact we have in numbers!

For information about the history of flash mobs, here's the wikipedia entry:


There are two ways to be part of the Flesh Mob.

1. Text message sent to your cell phone. Send your cell phone number to the Flesh Mob organizer (fattest at livejournal dot com) along with a note saying you want to be part of the Flesh Mob. You will receive one phone call confirming your desire to participate.

2. Join the email list just for announcements of bay area Flesh Mobs.


Because FLESH MOBS will occur on short notice, the cell phone text message method is recommended.

See you at the next FLESH MOB!

Please pass this information along to other fat people in the SF bay area.