September 27th, 2006


What Makes A Man A Man?

I recently saved Wigstock the video from being flogged off at my local video shop, by being the first person to rent it in eight months or so...

Watching it again, I realised what an interesting documentary it really is. While not entirely free of vapidity, it is for the most part a fascinating examination of drag, gender and sexuality, and includes performances which are not only fabulous but really interesting, stepping away from drag either as over-the-top female stereotype, or as 'passing'.

Here's my favourite performance - give it a chance, as despite the start it's not at all your usual drag show.

Flloyd also has some interesting things to say about bisexuality and the way in which one's social 'scene' influences one's sexual choices.

And, if you're download-inclined, you should be able to get hold of a great version of Marc Almond doing What Makes A Man A Man, too.

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