August 18th, 2006

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Posted here at the request of jillbertini

We proudly announce the launch of the first issue of InterAlia, an international refereed queer studies journal from Poland.

The institutionalization of queer studies within Western (chiefly U.S.) academic structures has given rise to the view that queer studies is past its prime and the original, subversive impetus has been lost, giving way to a "new order" which uncannily resembles the "old" one. We have seen a queer canon solidified, queer careers established, and queer theory itself largely geared to the needs and expectations of U.S. academia. There is a growing sense that if queer studies is to survive at all, it must relocate itself into a much more de-centralized domain.

We believe that queer studies should be practiced with both an emphasis on local articulations of queer identities and queer politics, and a serious engagement with processes of "globalization." The wave is out, so to speak, and queer studies continues to spread into ever new territories, geographically and academically. InterAlia's mission is exactly to bring together the most varied international (if not postnational), transdisciplinary perspectives. The project of queer studies has only just begun.
It is our hope that this electronic journal will secure a stronger place for Eastern/Central European queer studies on the map and foster the growth of queer communities. We count on our readers to use their email networks to advertise InterAlia; only through such networks can we reach beyond the current queer studies circuit.

Tomasz Basiuk
Dominika Ferens
Marzena Lizurej
Tomasz Sikora