July 12th, 2006


Thank you!!!

Helloooo to everyone who joined us at NYC's Fat Girl Flea Market last weekend!

It seems that  everywhere we look, there are gorgeous fatties proudly displaying the clothes they scored at this year's Flea.  What a thrill to watch a 17-foot truck filled with clothing donations magically transformed into new wardrobes for hundreds of plump, happy shoppers!

This year's Flea was a fantastic success! Not only was a rollicking good time had by all, but we raised over $7000 for NOLOSE, most of which will go toward scholarships for the NOLOSE conference this fall. Yay!

We are intensely grateful to our ever-expanding community. You folks shopped nearly til you dropped! Many of you even came back for more the next day! Oh, we love you, Flea Market Shoppers! Without you we'd be nothing.

Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts!
Flea Market Fairy Dust to All!