July 1st, 2006


The first half of this makes me sound like George Carlin...

Edit: I'm seriously pissed, and you'll see it splattered around. If you're offended, they're just words with a forbidden meaning, a meaning you already know, so get over it.

By popular request, here's my full views on gender and related subjects. The long story is written below, and the short story is in bold.

First off, I once mentioned in a previous entry how humans (for the most part) judge each other by their crotch meat. They judge something which they've never seen before, are not currently viewing, and then never will see. They take a blind guess, though a slightly educated one.

However, there is an elementary problem here: humans by their very nature are more than just their genitalia. But here's the thing that kills this notion: very few humans actually disregard the other party's crotch design when creating their initial observations. Imagine that someone goes to have some service rendered. Any service really, doesn't much matter. After it's done or bought, the sales clerk usually says "Thank you, (sir/ma'am)". The sales clerk takes a stab at your genitalia and then forms honorifics around it.

What the fuck?

Honorifics based upon the meat that you urinate with. Honorifics based upon the meat you copulate with. Is there anything less honorable?

People even go so far as to intrude into each other's minds and to shape their personality based upon the same sort of meat! People with convex crotchmeat are supposed to be more aggressive and less intelligent and more ugly. They're supposed to use the word "handsome" and strong, with big ripped gigantic muscles that could uproot a tree! If you don't meet any of these requirements, grow them fast, or fuck you, buddy! And just the same, if you have concave crotchmeat, you had damn well better be looking pretty, as pretty as you can be, even if it damages your very soul, you'd better be stupid and you'd better not give a shit about it. You must be weak, you must cling to other people, you must not be independent! You must talk for hours and hours without delivering any meaning whatsoever. You must be fake. And if you don't meet these requirements, fuck you too!

Hell, even the clothes that were designed for the genders enforce this bullshit. Men have to look tough, ugly and brutal. Short or no hair. Big wide shoulders and massive arms that scream to the world "I'm going to fuck you up!" They don't even get a chance to look decent or respectable until they hit 60, and by then they're in the same category with the women. But you see, men have it easy compared to the women, for women have to follow fashion. They have to look slutty, and every year more fabric falls off their clothes. Hey, if you're dressed to your neck and ankles in clothes, you're a prude, and no one wants to fuck a prude.

If anyone is still left with any doubt of why gender is so fucked up, I dare you to comment.

I don't give a rat's ass about gender. I'll look how I want, where I want, when I want (in front of the parents is the only exception). Yeah, I have a penis in between my legs, and if you make any attempt to acknowledge it, I will let you know what the fuck I think. You get one warning, and then I"ll start acting like a real man.

Now that the anger has subsided somewhat, I'd like to discuss my views on gender, with significantly less cussing.

Let me start with the fact that I hate sports. Any kind of sport, save for simple sports such as golf and pool, which are quite nice. Physical contact, blood, sweat, tears, getting stronger to own at sports more, it's not my thing and it never has been. I'm more into games. Games of both the video variety, as well as the board variety. Games are awesome, and many of you can testify to that. However, games are neither bloodsport nor fake socializing. I get ostracized for this, but only slightly. That's why I mentioned it first.

A slightly larger item would be my thought processes. I don't think about sex too often. Granted, it does come up once in a while, but it usually has some very negative stigma on it. Society does not approve of this. In addition, my sexuality doesn't quite match what society wants. I'm neither with the omnipresent straight people, or with the small but growing minority of gay people. I wish I could say that I'm bisexual, but I'm afraid that's a box that I don't fit into. I like who I like, regardless of the structure of their crotchmeat. However, there are two things that society sees wrong with my preferences: I like pretty, yet elegant men (read: not prissy or overtly feminine, simply refined with that feminine touch) and real women who don't plaster their faces with makeup, whose words are real and honest. Society tries to forbid both of these rare kinds of people, these people who I look for.

And the final, most significant note would be my appearance and mode of dress. I try to avoid wearing the ultrashort hair, cutting only when it gets unpleasant looking, which is always the case when it gets past collar length for some reason. My clothes have a definite androgynous feel to them, with equal hints of masculinity and femininity, yet still elegant (unless I'm just loafing in front of the computer. No need to dress up for that.) I do wear the occasional skirt, for the exact reason that I bear convex crotchmeat. This particular crotchmeat is rather irritable, and yet men are always forced to wear pants regardless of annoyance and pain. Of course, just like the rest of my clothes, my selection of skirts are very plain and very reserved.

Therefore, on a good day the average joe cannot determine my gender, and this joe gets very upset indeed.

I never did understand why people care so much about genitalia that they'll never see...

(And now I'll go back and write the subject, which you will have no doubt read first.)


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The post by tanisnikana got me thinking about the term papers that I wrote on gender this past semester, and reminded me of this quote that I want to share.

"Rather than aiming for a gender-free utopia, my vision now is for a world that would be gender-full, where there would be so many different ways to be women, men, in-between, and beyond, that in the end the categories themselves would lose meaning and what we would be left with is a diversity of ways to be. And I don't just mean that the categories women and men would lose meaning, but so, too, would all cultural constructs grounded in gender, and that includes femininity and masculinity as well as heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. A world of multiple gender expressions, where bodies, selves, and desires can combine in all possible ways will be one where there is a lot to see, to be, to do, and to learn--and being female or male, woman or man will have little to do with it."

~ Carla Golden, who self-identifies as a "feminist social constructionist"

If you are interested in the essay that this quote came out of, I can look it up in my research notes, but I don't know it off the top of my head.