June 7th, 2006

Flim Flam.

Yay..heard back from the maintainer and now I have a new edit. :)

1st of all, this post has a cut for an offensive image.

2nd of all, I'm personally outraged that the same sort of moronic arguements made against mixed race marriages are currently being made against gay marriages.

I posted about this, offensive image and all and got quite a few folks here very upset with me. (Wrote about it on my own lj too.)

I'd just like to point out that I'm not the 1st person to notice this disturbing similarity. In fact, IME, many gay activists have pointed this out themselves.

Even silly internet quizzes about it have been kicking around the internet for quite some time like this one below.


I'm somewhat surprised to find myself the focal point of a lot of PC generated outrage for essentially being angry about the same thing they are. (?) Unless of course there are folks who don't think the far right is making the same racist, bigoted arguements?

Or is it merely the non PC and generally horrible way I tend to express myself? :)

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