May 24th, 2006


Casting Call: Genderqueers on Film

From some friends, respond to them, not me:

We're trying to target specific folk within the
NYC metro
area who can reply back by the end of this May.
If you know ppl, please forward this to them

Casting Call: Nonunion Film

3 Minutes in Heaven is casting sex-positive shorts
featuring individuals on a solo mission. Shoot
starting June 3, 2006 - NYC.

Seeking Genderqueer Butch-identified or Transboi
for naked camera interviews. Must be over 18
years old. Acting experience not necessary. Must
possess animalistic charm and enthusiastic
toward exposing one’s skin and soul.
Note: This production is open to all shapes, sizes,
races, ethnicities and persuasions.

Auditions will be held in early June.
for more details.
(posted 5/7/2006)

3 Minutes in Heaven (3MIH) is a sex-positive
project that aims to give you pleasure--be that
visual, aural, oral, anal-- all that is fun,
healthy, and
consensual. We believe that activism can take
various forms--it is not just voting, protesting, and
organizing, but also creating images that give voice
to audiences that have been traditionally
underrepresented. We have a queer aesthetic that
is not just about blondes, fake breasts, and shaved
pussies (though we might dally in featuring all or
some of those, too). Our audiences run the gamut
and so do our performers. We want to appeal to
queers of all shades, shapes, and persuasions,
and so we will feature different genders and
sexualities, races and ethnicities, ages, and
abilities. Being all-inclusive is imperative for us.
Still, we won’t sacrifice visual pleasure for the
physical one; after all, fine fucking can be fabulous
and we aim to please