April 13th, 2006



Hey all. I've got a final project in one of my last classes of law school. It's a NEgotiation and Mediation class and my project is on the Prisoner's Dilemma, it's a really interesting question that breeds many differing and interesting responses. I'm trying to get as much data as I can as far as how people answer the question.

Below is a survey: Please copy it into my comments and fill it out (don't forget the demographic part). I will love you forever and ever. I swear!

You are sitting next to a stranger in a bar. Someone hands the stranger $100, telling both of you that, if you can agree on a division of the $100 between you, you can each keep whatever you agree to. Here are the rules: the stranger must make a single offer to you for some number between $0 and $100. You must then either accept or reject the offer--no haggling allowed. If you accept, you split the money as agreed. If you reject, neither of you gets any money.

Would you accept $2?

Why or Why Not?
(Fairness; Justice; Something Better Than Nothing; Don’t Really Care)?

If no, what would you accept?

Why wouldn't you accept a smaller cut?

Why wouldn't you expect a bigger cut?

What would you offer if you were handed the money?


Why wouldn't you offer a bigger cut?

Why wouldn't you expect them to take a smaller cut?

Demographics Data
Sexual Preference/Gender Identity:
Employment Status/Occupation:
Education Completed:
Political Affiliation:
Area of Country that you Identify as Home (East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, South, Southwest, Northwest):


Thank you soooo much for doing this.

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Match.com no friend to bisexuals or transfolk

UPDATE: I just called match.com's customer service line and the person I talked to confirmed that bisexuals are not allowed to sign up, specifically that "you cannot say you are bisexual in your profile" (paraphrase). So this is very real.

This is forwarded from a local bisexual list that I'm on. I've had run-ins and issues with match.com in the past, like when they rejected my profile as "looking for multiple sex partners" even though I said nothing on that subject. And then there was that massively biphobic article they printed a couple years back. So I'm not surprised.

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