April 12th, 2006

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an open letter to lgbt communities

I got this by email yesterday, it's in reaction to this column in the Advocate. Incidentally, I was at the Phlly rally yesterday and it was amazing... so many community groups and groups there in solidarity, although I was confused by the presence of the ASPCA who decided it would be a good idea to hand out rubber bracelets and tell everyone that it was their 140th birthday.

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my apologies if you've seen this already. crossposted to my journal, ap_racism, debunkingwhite, postqueer, & queerpoc

The Oppressive Nature Of Sexual Orientation

So for my rhetoric class I was given an assignment to "compose a persuasive argument on an issue that is up for debate in a community in which I am a member of. Your goal is to get your readers to think." Here's the essay:

On The Oppressive Nature Of Sexual Orientation

Let me begin this essay with a multiple choice test that everyone has had to take growing up in this society. I assure you this test isn’t hard, and you’ll pass long as you take the test. This test arose from categories and concepts that society created to explain human desire by defining and limiting it. Here is the test: What is your sexual orientation? Your possible answers are A) Straight B) Gay C) Bisexual. See that wasn’t too bad now was it? Unfortunately, while you may not have a problem with this test I do. This test does not reflect the complex nature of sexual orientation and the people that it’s supposed to describe; there are numerous people that would choose option D) “other” if they were asked that question.

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