April 11th, 2006


hey post-queers:

The ARTWHERK! Collective returns with a vengeance, and this time we have a shiny new website! Check it out, get on our mailing list, and if you're in or near Toronto, send a submission our way ===> htttp://www.artwherk.com

We started ARTWHERK! as a combatant to bland, corporate Pride events and have deep roots in activism and social work. We wanted to create a truly queer space instead of having a lesbian party or a GWM party etc etc. Many of the pieces last year dealt with themes of identity and queerness...drop us an email if you'd like to get involved!

Saying hello.

Hi everybody. Just joined, thought id say hello.

Im a 28 year old male, and if you want a term as to how id refer myself, i personally would say that im bi, although i guess if you want to be technical im a "bisexual straight guy" or "heteroflexible" or whatever else you might want to call me. LOL.

I joined LJ about a month ago, and im having a lot of fun here, although Ive found it hard trying to find places that people who id their sexuality like mine can chat and get to know others. Most of my thoughts about my own sexuality (among other ramblings) are on my own journal (scan back to the eariler entries) are there, so I wont go into them too much here. Although if something pressing hits me, I'll post here.

Otherwise, this is just me saying hello. It's good to meet you all.
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