March 27th, 2006

News of note

I'm not sure exactly what to say about this story, aside from 'this is definitely something worth keeping an eye on'.

Mother accused of impersonating kids' father (Associated Press article on the Toronto Star website).

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A woman accused of abducting her two young children from their father, then dressing like a man so she could assume his identity, agreed Monday to return to Arizona where she faces kidnapping charges, authorities said.

Shellie White, 30, was taken into custody Friday in Roanoke Rapids, where police said she and a woman lived together as the children’s father and mother.
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Transsexual Activist Speaking Out

(Please Forward)

Transsexual Activist, Maria Louise Roman
Assaulted, discriminated and wrongly incarcerated ironically after a taping of "Transamerica" segment for Spanish TV Talk Show Cristina.

Dear Friends:

I am writing this letter to give you a snapshot of how I was assaulted, ridicule, humiliated and wrongly incarcerated while celebrating a successful taping of the Cristina Show. These events took place on March the 10th in the city of Miami.

Many Media outlets continue to perpetuate stereotypes and sensationalize our lives. It has been a long process but I am a firm believer that the only way we can influence change is by being involved in the process of creating this change. We cannot sit back and expect change to magically happen.

For this reason whenever there is an opportunity for me to be involved in how the media depicts my reality as a transgender women I am the first one to sign up.

On March the 10th I was panelist for an upcoming Cristina Show, a Spanish speaking International show that reaches millions of Spanish speaking homes in the US and Latin America. The taping of the show went very well; the questions were relevant and focused on the complexity of the transition process. They also discussed discrimination and rights of people of trans experience. The panel was very diverse composed by both ftm, mtf. It also included A 15 year old Argentinean Transgender woman who was supported by her entire family.

After a successful taping there was much reason to celebrate, Little did I know that my celebration would not last long

I went to a popular Miami club called Space, Accompanied by a friend. We had a drink, danced and enjoyed the scene, needles to say the club was packed.

About 40 minutes later while going to get a second drink, we were making our way though a very crowded club headed toward the bar. I was pushed by a man when I turned around he began yelling "fuck that's a man" To several of his friends, who then joined him in the name calling as the pushing continued.

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