March 22nd, 2006


Queerstock anyone?

Hey, anyone been to Queerstock or even heard of it? (I rarely crawlout from under mt bed these days)

Is it a big thing? How many people does it atract? Do stage performers have to wear silly little microphones that make them look like they are communicating with aliens or warships (or alien warships) in order to be heard?

What kind of Queers does it attract? (pretty cool ones as far as I can tell but I'd like to hear from someone whos gone to one)

I'm asking cuz I sent them an e-mail last night saying I might want to perform. Saw an lj - ad & it was a random thing, but since I received an e-mail saying that I might be on the list, I'd like to hear any experiences.

Too bad I'm not a musician - I bet that goes over best - rock stars get all the girls... writers, well, we get.... maybe I better learn to play the Harmonica or something...not as good as a bass but a few good R&B tunes & I'm in the in crowd!!! (oops, random thoughts on-line)