March 15th, 2006

irish eyes

thought I might forward this

Dear activists and academics,

I am pleased to announce the call for submissions to the upcoming
book, Gender Query: Explorations of Identity, Expression, and
Embodiment which will be published by Cambridge Scholars Press later
this year, or early 2007. The original concept of this book came out of
the amazing activism currently going on in Eastern Europe around the
areas of gender activism and LGBT human rights. The aim of this text is
to provide a cross-cultural and interesting look into various issues
surrounding gender.

I am currently seeking proposals for academic papers relating to
gender variance and gender identity and/or expression. Gender variance
can include anything that you feel goes against the expectations of men
and women in a particular society. Papers need to be between 3,000 and
5,000 words and should address one or more of the following, in
relation to gender: trans issues, performance, linguistics, sexuality,
religion, or queer identity and culture. Proposals with an
international scope will make me very happy, but this is not a
requirement for publication. Additionally, please don?t feel that you
have to be well known or widely published to submit something.

I am also looking for creative, preferably autobiographical,
submissions of 1,000 to 1,500 words also dealing with the topic of
gender variation. Although I am eager to receive proposals from anyone
who has something interesting to say, people from outside the US and
the UK are strongly encouraged to submit proposals.

This is an open call, please distribute widely.

The proposal deadline has been extended to March 30, 2006. Proposals
should be no more than 500 words, please include your email address,
postal address, and telephone number.

Final submission deadline: June 15, 2006

Please send proposals (and any questions you may have) to:

Jakob Hero
Gender Query editor

*F* you ACORN my Gender, Race, Class, and Development class today someone who worked at ACORN handed out information about their summer internships to register voters and do various ACORN related stuff. I picked one up since I don't have any summer plans as of yet. Then I read the first sentence...*direct quote*

(No sissies need apply. This is boot camp for organizers!)

So my faggot make-up wearing drag-queen ass isn't welcome. I guess sissies can't be 'organizers', or go to 'boot camp' - mary should see me work my 6-inch knee-highs. So much for ACORN being 'progressive' or whatever. Screw you Acorn, screw you.