March 9th, 2006

Queer inclusion

I have been having a conflict in my mind about certain things to with 'queer', what it stands for etc, can it really include everyone? On one hand its like well Yeah! gender and sexuality should be DONE WITH! and we should all approach love and sex without forming fixed catogories and fixed identities etc it should be 'all inclusive and non-exclusive, fluid, changable etc'.. I am in full agreement with this as our goal, our aim, but can we forget about our history? well in all my work I have consciously tried to break down these binary ways of thinking but the point still stands that some people don't understand what its like to be a 'homo'!, I'm not saying I believe in the term 'homo', but what I mean is someone who has the history and the experiences of somebody who is visibly percieved as homosexual. for example I was talking to a friend of mine about Gay Pride and how it totally fucked up it was and how its lost all of its history and proceeded to talk about stonewall and all the other events that have shaped our 'liberation' yadda yadda yadda, and they didn't have a clue about it! I mean stonewall is a mainsteam historical event really (I mean theres films, TV shows, etc about it) and they didn't even know what it was about! and a few days later I was talking to someone I lived with who ID's as queer but is biologically male and only sleeps with women, he had to do some flyering for an event in the local mainstream gay scene and didn't have clue where any of it was! I mean this might not have anything to do with his sexuality at all, but something inside of me just clicked, I do know!! as much as I DESPISE the gay scene, I KNOW what its like because I have had to go there to find who I was, mainly through finding lovers, sexual partners and friends (some were total wankers), it needed to be done so I could have any kind of balanced sexual/emotional start in life, somewhere that was safe aswell so if I kissed a girl I would't get kick ed out or molested by some horny middle-aged man. Now those things some people will never be able to understand, how can they understand that everytime you go out with somebody you have to be carefull where you kiss. I have no problem with peopel Identifying as queer if their not visibly queer, but I do wish they'd fucking learn about it, the history, and also more than anything understand their privaledge. I mean when somebody says 'Homophobia doesn't exist anymore, attacks on queers aren't frequent in this country blablabla' I wanna say 'Do some fucking research!'
and when people say 'why do you queers have to be so *In your face*, it doesn't feel inclusive enough coz your all so *in your face*', well THATS WHY!! we have a whole load of fucking baggage darlin and we're not letting it go just so you can feel better about yourself! and fakely believe we are equal when we are not! sorry we're not.

Ps. this is just some thoughts and their quite angry and possibly irrational so don't take them too offensively
desperate housewife

It's a Friday One!

Inspired by cos and because we all love a good tale of a trip gone horribly wrong (or possibly, divinely right):

What's the worst/best/strangest/otherwise most memorable thing that has ever happened to you while taking a form of public transportation? Subway, train, bus, cab, plane, ferry....all permissible if it wasn't a private car.

And by all means, feel free to embellish in a writerly fashion - it's for our Friday entertainment, after all...

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