January 6th, 2006

i know this is post-queer, but work with me.

i'm teaching a class on queer identity and media literacy this spring, and i haven't been able to find any decent writings on body image and queer identity. i have basically the only anthology on it 'looking queer,' but it's largely memoir, and while some of it's decent, most of it is drivel.

so, if anybody has a notion of any good essays/books/websites that address queer identity and body image, that would be fantastic.

(by "good", i mean combines theory and personal experience and doesn't so much ramble along the lines of "gay men are mean and made me have bulimia" or "i used to have an eating disorder and then i learned to love my woman goddess self and now i am a happy hairy lesbian with a buzzcut." that kind of thing is legitimate, but that's all i've been able to find and was looking for something maybe a little less straight-off-the-consciousnes-raising-floor for the purposes of this class.)