December 15th, 2005

goth angel


2005 began and ends with trans-related films: Thailand's Beautiful Boxer (released there in '03 but given a small U.S. release last January) and the indie drama Transamerica, which is getting Oscar buzz for Felicity Huffman. Anyone seen them? Thoughts on a non-trans woman playing a transwoman? Better or worse than the generally accepted previous trans-sensitive flicks Normal and Different for Girls (neither of which I cared much for; your mileage may vary)?

ETA: Yeah, that's David Duchovny as the crossdressing FBI agent 'Denise' in his pre-Mulder role on Twin Peaks in my icon. As I recall it wasn't a bad face forward; Agent Cooper was surprised by the former Dennis's new self, but took it in stride and lost none of his respect for Denise as an agent.
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