December 14th, 2005

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Dolly Parton, "Transamerica" song and her FTM connection from the NY Daily News

I love Dolly Parton. The NY Daily News has a story about her song for "Transamerica" and her FTM friend who inspired the song.

"Dolly's tune owes a lot to transsexual"

Gold standard Dolly Parton told us she had insider knowledge when writing her Golden Globe-nominated 'Travelin' Thru' for 'Transamerica.' Bosomy Dolly Parton was even more buoyant than usual yesterday as she floated on the news of her first Golden Globe nomination.

"I'm just so tickled," chirped the country goddess, whose tune "Travelin' Thru" received a nod for Best Original Song.

Dolly composed the ballad for "Transamerica," in which fellow Globe nominee Felicity Huffman plays a woman who comes by her breasts the hard way - through a sex-change operation.

Parton told us you don't have to know the song is about a transsexual to like it. Given its Christian imagery, she said, "country fans may think it's gospel.

"That's not particularly the kind of movie they'd go to see. But it's a beautiful movie, and they might be lured to it by the song.

"I've known a few transsexuals," said Parton, who's something of a gay icon. In fact, she thinks "Travelin' Thru" turned out as well as it did thanks to the guidance of a friend who used to be a woman. "I have firsthand knowledge of how complicated the whole process can be," she went on. "I knew this person before, during and after he was a man. You might call him 'A Boy Named Sue.' That's what his name used to be.

"He works for me," Dolly went on. "He typed up the lyrics when I was writing and rewriting it."
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