December 7th, 2005

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Down Low Housing Post of the week on Craigslist!

$650 - Young Prof. Looking for Young Str8 Male -Discount Unique Setup JAN/FEB
I live on 3rd, early 30's, doorman bldg. I have a 2 bed apt., the bedroom looking to rent out is 8x13, large enough for a bed, desk, dresser, also has inbuilt closet..I have a separate bedroom.
We share living room, bathroom, and kitchen..

Im a 26 year old str8 white male, ivy-educated, work for an investment bank, fin. stable, clean sane and looking to live with a similar young 20's str8 male
I have girlfriend who stay in the UES, I stay with her most weeknites, and she spends the nite over sometimes too - we are very chilled, and will respect ure privacy..

THE Unique set-up is ..Im looking for a younger, 20's athletic male roommate..Im str8, clean, std free, all that, but I do like to give head to a guy once in a while - dont get me wrong, im not gay, not looking for sex, I just enjoy giving a blow-job once in awhile...I would stay clothes the entire time...

Im looking for a str8 guy, and someone who i can do this to doesnt have to be everyday, maybe 1-2 a month, or more if you want it..

Maybe you come back from work late and just want it, or maybe you get up on a saturday morning with wood and want relief...I come and take care off never see me naked...

Im looking for someone open-minded who can deal with this and also not reveal anything to my GF.
1 month deposity/1 month rent upfront..all includes utilities

Can start either Jan, Jan 15 or Feb 1. But looking to rent by Feb 1 latest

A PIC would be great.
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