November 28th, 2005



LOGO, MTVN’s new ad-supported basic cable channel for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) audience, launched June 30, 2005 with more than one thousand hours of programming content and in almost 18 million homes across the United States. Programmed with a mix of original and acquired entertainment that is authentic, smart and inclusive, Logo features more than 250 lesbian and gay-themed feature films, an ongoing documentary series, newscasts tailored for the gay and lesbian community and quality original shows and specials. Out of the 250 shows on the network there has only been one (1) show and one(1) acquired film that has been created about African-American gay life. LOGO proudly boasts its more than one thousand hours of programming; yet, quietly addresses the fact that only 24 minutes of this programming is available to an African-American LGBT community.

Programs such as Round Trip Ticket and Open Bar create an illusion of a gay America, which has erased African-American culture. In addition, the network continues to air programs such as Hip-Hop Homos. This well produced documentary not only failed to acknowledge the national phoemona of the “Gay Rapper”; but failed to introduce to its 18 Million gay viewers Caushun, the only gay rapper who inked a deal with a major recording company. We are continuously displaced with programs on the network such as WISECRACK, the late night comedy show featuring the comedic stylings of every non-African-American comedian from across the U.S. Where are the faces of Harmonica Sunbeam or Sophia McIntosh?

Of the many gay films that air on the network is Ski Trip, the safe choice aired with little fanfare as the first African American gay themed film to ever play on a national network. There are films such as Paris Is Burning, Brother To Brother, Latin Boys Go To Hell, Burnt Money, How Do I Look and Punks, which have yet to see the light of day. At this point, The Atlanta DVD serial The Closet would be welcomed to a community starving for recognition. How much longer must we be subjected to another airing of Torch Song Trilogy and Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Nonetheless, anyone who has not seen or owns a copy of Angels in America they have to live under a rock!

With more than 25 African-American pride events, circuit parties, and festivals, a slew of gay Black Gay Activist, Organizers, Drag Queens and Kings, Executives, and Taste Makers it continues to be a mystery as to how an entire race of people are erased from a network which has been designed to speak to them. While the network is home to original series, including: Noah's Arc, a scripted comedy-drama series based on the web phenomenon following struggling screenwriter Noah, an African-American gay man navigating love and life in Los Angeles with his three best friends. This is not the solitary voice of Black Gay America just as Queer as Folk was not the voice of White gay America. And the scale of indifference of this show would never tip over if we as a community another option to balance this program. This is in no shape or form any disrespect to the show creature! You go Patrick!

So call your cable carrier! In fact don’t call your cable carrier. Compose an email to:,,,,, and Tell them that you are embarrassed to at this abomination that they are passing on as a Network. Let them know that you are calling your cable carrier and advising them that you want LOGO removed from your basic cable plan!

MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc. is a publicly held company. You are John Q Public. Raise your voice and be heard. (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B). This isn’t about seeing 12 hours of Black Gay programming. This is about seeing more than 30 minutes once a week of Black people on television. Don’t let there be more Black people living on Wisteria Lane than on the LOGO network.

Contact: Pryor Philips, No Screaming Media