November 20th, 2005


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something contrary_wise wrote recently got me thinking about professional/community/personal boundaries while living within the smallness of (even a rather large) queer community. i think about this all the time, actually, but she gave me an excuse to write about it here. i'm interested in what other folks think about this because it comes up all the time.

sometimes i've heard it argued that there are differences within the queer communities that blur the boundaries. sometimes i agree, but i'm worried that without discussion people can do this poorly. face it, some people will set boundaries poorly regardless. who do we look to for role models? how do we handle these blurry situations as they come up - and then learn from them? how do we become role models for other people? how do we do this and invite people into our lives?

some other kinds of questions...
  • what are some of the challenges you've faced or witnessed related to boundaries as a professional within a queer context? (i 'm thinking of "professional" in  a broad context. for example, for me that includes the drag toupe i perform with.)
  • what are some effective strategies you've used or seen in handling these dilemmas?
  • are there boundary issues that might be discussed more among your communities? how would this kind of discussion be initiated?