November 3rd, 2005

  • eeka13

Looking for info on GLBT friendliness of various fraternal/civic organizations

Hi all. violacat and I are looking at wedding reception venues, and I was wondering if anyone has specific information on either the official or the de facto positions that various organizations such as Elks, Lions, etc. take on GLBT issues.

I've heard that the Lions are pretty discriminatory and that people have broken off and formed inclusive clubs, but that the organization as a whole is still pretty bad. I can't find anything specific about the Elks, except I do know that they give a lot of money to the Boy Scouts and some municipalities have cut them off from being involved in civic events because of this.

I know that, as with anything, there are local chapters that don't support the national agendas, but I'd just like to see if anyone knows of any discrimination (or outward expressions of nondiscrimination) by any of these organizations.