October 30th, 2005

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Hi folks! I posted a couple weeks ago about a project I am doing for a course called Sexual Violence in Societal Context on violence against transgender people. The project is going really well...we are presenting it on Thursday, and we're feeling very positive about the impact it will have at Earlham College, which is where I'm taking the course.

We've got most of the fact-based stuff down pretty solidly, and what we're looking for now is representations of the impact that violence has on transgender people and those who love transgender people. It would be really valuable to our project to be able to present poems, song lyrics, or other means of artistic expression that show how people feel about transphobic violence. We will NOT be publishing the submissions or making them available for use by anyone other than ourselves; in other words, we're just going to show/read them to people, but we won't be making copies of them and distributing them in any way without the express permission of their authors. I'm putting this call out in this way because I know there's a lot of great poetry/art out there, and I want to make sure that I'm only using material if the author knows about it and is okay with that.

So, if you have written poetry/lyrics or have photos of artwork that you would be okay with my sharing with the Earlham community, for the purpose of connecting the reality of human experience to the facts of transgender violence in a way that folks who see our project will be able to relate to, that would be really awesome and valuable. I'll be using some of my own poetry for this, too, and I'll definitely share my work with you all, too. Thank you SO much.

If you could email me at peaceofpie@livejournal.com or greenda1@earlham.edu, that would be great. Please send stuff to me by Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, as we're presenting the project on the 4th. Feel free to cross-post this anywhere that it hasn't already been posted, on Livejournal or elsewhere.