October 20th, 2005

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for inner gay showtune postqueerians: Bacharach writes anti-war lyrics

"Pop composer Bacharach pens first lyrics of career" By Larry Fine --Reuters

It could be just what the world needs now -- Burt Bacharach writing lyrics.

The legendary, 77-year-old composer has found his voice in a politically charged album "At This Time" that features his first lyrics ever in a nearly 50-year career creating some of pop music's best-known love songs.

"You could say, 'How does a guy who has written love songs his entire life suddenly decide to rock the boat?"' Bacharach says about the album that will be released internationally on October 24, with a U.S. release on November 1.

"I had to do it. This is very personal to me," he said of his first solo album in 15 years.

Challenged by his producer to take risks, Bacharach responded with songs set to hip-hop beats with lyrics, co-written with Tonio K., expressing nostalgia over bygone days and frustration with U.S. political leaders.

Bacharach, an icon of swinging 1960s sophistication and winner of three Oscars and six Grammys, poured out catchy music for over 50 Top 40 hits including "What The World Needs Now Is Love," "Walk On By," "Make It Easy On Yourself" and "Alfie."
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