October 11th, 2005

abnormals anonymous

(no subject)

I am revamping an LGBT peer education program at a university. The training for this program has traditionally been 2-3 days long, and then the peer educators conduct panels in the freshman dorms. Some of the information is basic stuff about LGBT identity. I'd like to include some short films or documentaries to break up the training and prevent all the information from being read from a sheet of paper.

Do any of you know of effective documentaries that can be easily obtained and aren't too expensive? Something that we could show a 30 minute clip from would be ideal (i.e., a documentary about 5 people that we could pare down to 2 people's stories). I've seen fantastic documentaries, especially on trans and intersex folks, but I'm blanking on names at the moment. Some of the topics we would be especially interested in:

-Transgender issues/transitioning (not TransGeneration, as we are showing this elsewhere)
-Intersex individuals
-Dual identity (intersections of sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity)
-LGBT Peer education/peer counseling in general

Thanks so much for your help!