September 28th, 2005

H.I.V medication ads.

At the risk of sounding like a prick, has the gay/les community lost its mind?

Picture this: A young,muscular man is climbing a mountain, with no ropes. He struggles to the top and we struggle with him, hoping he makes it. With a few dramatic near misses, he makes it. We applaud and he turns to the camera and says "I am not dying from H.I.V- I'm Living". Commercial ends.

No there is not a commercial like this, but this is pretty much a what a print ad looks like.

Being sensitive aside, why the hell are people trying to sell h.i.v like its diabetes?

I am sure there are plenty of people who live productive lives with the virus. My husband lived and struggled with his sero status for 4 years. But an entire generation is bieng led to beleive that h.i.v is the greatest thing since sliced bread. There should be no ads showig this disease in a positive light.Ever. No pictures of healthy,laughing men sipping cocktails and hanging out at the bar with friends. Start showing pictues of what h.i.v/aids really looks like: bedsores and vomit and coldsweats and frail, worn bodies lying in hospital beds. This lie has been painted around this affliction that makes it seem "not so bad". Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

No, I don't care about being sensitive to people with the virus, because a majority of them probably feel the same way I do. We have bug-chasers (people purposely trying to get infected) barebackers (a group of idoits who don't beleive in condom use) and a wave of other people who believe, with no scientific evidence to back up their claims, that H.I.V does not cause AIDS.

Does anyone have an opinion? What do you think of h.i.v ads and the "normalizing" of this disease?