September 26th, 2005

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(... ordinarily i'd lj-cut something this ong but i don't want you to miss this post...)

TransGender Michigan is in the process of creating a scholarship fund for college and university students in Michigan who are actively working to counter transgender oppression, and we need your help! Please give what you can to ensure a worthy student can receive a helping hand. All contributions are tax-deductible and will help make a difference for a college/university student in Michigan.

TransGender Michigan's T.J. Jourian Scholarship is named after its first recipient, an activist who truly inspires us and embodies TransGender Michigan’s goal of combating and educating about the impact and interactions of oppression in all of its forms. T.J. is a MA candidate in the Student Affairs Administration program with the College of Education at Michigan State University. He plans on using his degree to help make higher education institutions more accessible, safer, more welcoming, and developmentally more satisfying places for students of all sexual orientations, gender identities and racial/ethnic/national backgrounds. T.J. Jourian was recently profiled in the new Sundance docu-series TransGeneration.

To donate online, follow the link at the bottom of TransGender Michigan’s webpage,

Or donate by mail. Print and complete the following form and mail it with your contribution to: TGMI Scholarship, PO Box 224, Swartz Creek, MI 47473

TransGender Michigan’s T.J. Jourian Scholarship Fund Donation Form

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________________________________

Checks and Money Orders can be made out to TransGender Michigan.

Or, you can donate by credit card:

Credit Card Number: _________________________________________________

Expiration Date: ________/____________

Three Digit Security Code on Back of Card: _________________

Contribution Amount: ________________

Please circle one:

One-Time Donation Quarterly Donation Monthly Donation

Quarterly and Monthly donations can be automatically charged to your credit card and is an easy way to make a larger yearly contribution in smaller increments.

TransGender Michigan, the sponsor of this list, is a non-profit organization in Michigan whose services would not be possible without the support of people like you. To learn about ways you can be of support, please visit
To learn more about TransGender Michigan, please visit
Show your support for transgender individuals and their significant others, families, friends, and allies (SOFFAs) and support TransGender Michigan in the process!

Order your TransGender Michigan "transgenerator" Bracelet today!

These orange, silicone bracelets are debossed with the term "transgenerator," a term TransGender Michigan uses to refer to a person who supports transgender individuals and their significant others, families, friends, and allies (SOFFAs), and are similar to the very popular yellow "LIVESTRONG" bracelets.

All proceeds raised from the sale of these bracelets will benefit TransGender Michigan! To purchase a TransGender Michigan "transgenerator" bracelet, visit