September 20th, 2005


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"GenderFluXXXors UnCoded: an FTM Supornova" is a performance lecture by artist Tobaron Waxman (CA) and PhD candidate Eliza Steinbock (USA). This presentation will cover many moments in film/video which had previously been read as ‘Lesbian’, and later read as ‘Drag King’ which could be included in the development of an FTM gaze. The purpose in revisiting these old coup d’oeil, while including works made by FTM/GQ male contemporary artists, is to remind an FTM audience of their image history while simultaneously acquainting them with a cultural diversity that is a contemporary FTM reality. The works by contemporary FTM/GQ artists include a variety of ethnicities, body sizes, and cultural expressions, the unifying element being their sexplicit transmasculine content.Read more...Collapse )