September 19th, 2005


solomon event

For those of you who do not know (and to remind those of you that do) lawschools around the country have blocked military recruiters on thier campuses (or section of campus for integrated schools). The military has challenged schools ability to do that and soon the case will be in front of the supreme court.

My law school, McGeorge is having two speakers come and discuss the issue. The first is a professor here who was used to be in the military and speaking on her experience and the other is an attorney with a firm on the case.

The event is open to the publc and i hope that many of you will come. It is on tuesday (sept 20th) from 5-6 here at the school (5th and 34th). I am including the press release for the event and if any of you need driving directions let me know and i can tell you how to get here or give you more information.

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