September 8th, 2005

Me, by Bill

Fat Girls and Fags

I just got back from Wet Spot in Paradise (a week long playparty/camping event that's a fundraiser for Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center, a very good place :o), and of the queer identified men I talked to who played with female bodied people (seven guys that I talked to enough to find out what else they liked ;o), all of them played with fat girls, and three of them (four, if you count me) had fat female bodied partners. Imagine my surprise! I've felt like "I was the only one" sometimes, and some queer folks wonder if I'm passing (ce moi, I think not).

So with that disjointed preamble, here is my question for the queer identified men who play with fat female bodied people and the fat female bodied people who play with queer identified men.
What's the connection for you? I'm wondering if this is far more common than I thought.

that (likes bellies) DadBear

EDIT: I'm a fag, I speak fag. "Play" is a very open fag euphemism for many levels of sexual play. I'm trying to start a discussion about my reality in the hope that I could discover where and why there could be common cause. I use the word "FAT" for same reason I use the word "QUEER".

SECOND EDIT: I wanted to have a discussion on shared experiences and I want to thank some of you for trying to keep this to topic, but I'm about ready to delete this. I'm thinking of reposting it and screening the comments, but being a fascist is such hard work. Any opinions?
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