September 7th, 2005

Anti-War QUEER ACTION!!! - Seattle

Anti-War QUEER ACTION!!! - Seattle

---------Calling All queers against the war.--------

The Pink Fist Brigade is organizing an Action for the Sept. 24th Anti-War Rally

--Voice Something Bigger than "identity"--- --SPEAK YOUR MIND------------------------------
--Liberate some Activism through ART------ --make fabulous Pink Fist uniforms------------ --TALK with like-minded folk--------------------

1st ACTION planing meeting:

Friday, Sept. 9th
5-7 PM @ Ingersoll, A center for Gender
1812 E. Madison St. Suite 106
Seattle, WA 98122

The Pink Fist Brigade------A Radical Queer Artist Revolution

The Pink Fist Brigade unites like minded queer artists to work together for our own personal struggles, and to fight oppression through artistic expression, education, and activism. To expose mainstream america to our talents, that are other than our sexuality.

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