September 3rd, 2005

Santa Monica Pier

LGBT Katrina support

FYI for those who haven't already seen this:


Executive Director
1638 R St., NW, Suite 300 01 September 2005
Washington, DC 20009
202.319.7596 x20 202.744.2567 / cell

National LGBT Youth and Family Groups Establish "Hurricane Katrina LGBT Relief Fund"

Humanitarian Effort to Provide Money to LGBT Youth and Family Refugees

Washington, DC - Working in partnership, the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC) today announced the formation of the "Hurricane Katrina LGBT Relief Fund" to ensure that LGBT youth and families, among the most vulnerable members of our community, receive the critical support they need to regain stability in their lives.

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NYC - Katrina in-kind donations

Following in the footsteps of the fabulous chestertodd...

The bar d.b.a, in the East Village, has collection boxes set up for "in-kind donations" -- i.e., food, clothing, toiletries and so on. [D.b.a. has a "sister bar" in New Orleans, or at least they DID until last weekend.] I was there on Friday afternoon and confirmed this.

I know most of the nonprofits are saying that they'd prefer it if people donated money, or gave blood, or volunteered; but this is another alternative for those who might not have the cash to spare this week, for example, but have a perfectly good collection of almost-new t-shirts.

You might want to call them before you bring over anything heavy, though, just to make sure this collection is still going on.
They're at 41 First Avenue (2nd/3rd Street), and their # is 212.475.5097.
Santa Monica Pier

Another queer way to help

$2 Million Fund Unveiled to Aid Hurricane Katrina Victims
Today at 8:06 AM

Denver - Colorado philanthropist Tim Gill and the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado today announced a $1 million matching grant to the American Red Cross that will bring a total of $2 million in aid from Coloradoans to Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts.

The grant will match individual donations from Coloradoans up to $250 – dollar for dollar – thus doubling the effect of every donation. And participating in the challenge grant is simple. Citizens can visit or call 1-877-213-0015. The website and phone line went live this morning.

The challenge grant will be available thru Friday, September 16, unless the $1 million match is met prior to that date.

"Our fellow Americans are hurting. They've faced an unimaginable natural disaster. We're proud to match our fellow Coloradoans' donations to help the Red Cross get direct aid to victims throughout the Gulf Coast," said Gill, the Fund's founder.

The grant was announced this morning at a State Capitol news conference featuring Gov. Bill Owens, state Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, state Sen. Norma Anderson and state Rep. Diane Hoppe.

"When Americans face disaster, Coloradoans come together," the Governor said. "This generous donation to the Red Cross will save lives and help our fellow citizens recover from this catastrophe. I urge all Coloradoans to seize this opportunity to double the effect of their donations."

"I want to thank Tim Gill for his leadership in helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina," Sen. Fitz-Gerald said. "His generosity of spirit should help to spur all Coloradoans to contribute to the Red Cross to enable our brothers and sisters on the Gulf Coast to rebuild their lives."

"Tim Gill's leadership is one-of-a-kind," said Rep. Romanoff. "I applaud the Gay and Lesbian Fund for standing up and supporting the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Now let's all stand with them."

Christine Benero, CEO of the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross said that the Fund's challenge grant is one of the largest non- corporate donations to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

"We're so grateful to the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado and to Tim Gill for this generous donation which will truly save lives," she said. "We're doubly proud that one of the largest single donations in the country is coming from our home state of Colorado."

To encourage donations, the Fund will place radio and newspaper ads throughout Colorado.

# # #
The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado was established in 1996 by philanthropist and entrepreneur, Tim Gill, as a project of the Gill Foundation. The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado has a dual mission: to support community nonprofits that offer equal opportunity regardless of sexual orientation, and to raise public awareness of the contributions that gay men and lesbians make to Colorado.
Tday 08

DC Leatherfolk: Katrina benefit THIS SUNDAY 4-9pm

DC Leatherfolk: Katrina benefit THIS SUNDAY 4-9pm
Please come join us at the DC Eagle THIS SUNDAY to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

We will be gathering relief supplies and will be delivering those supplies to 400 families in need that are arriving in DC this weekend.

PLEASE BRING anything that can be considered a "care package" like:

tampons or pads
soft or cuddly toys/dolls/bears etc

And oh yeah, bring money, too!

We'll also have raffle prizes, an all you can eat BBQ, beer blast and an auction for nifty baskets and gift certificates.

THIS SUNDAY, September 4
639 New York Avenue NW
old days

helpful and interesting Katrina - related links.

given the viral nature of the intarweb and lj itself, many of you may have already seen these links. But since I have not seen the posted here I wanted to share:

nihilistic_kid's blog has this first hand account of a journalist's evacuation experience. The blog has other interesting posts has well.

there is the newly created poor_planning community. from their user info:
Facts, figures, research, leads on political or legal action, to put together the case that the poor of New Orleans were left to drown. How does evacuation planning discriminate against the poor, the infirm, the institutionalized?

shadbolt75 was donating $1 per comment on this post in their journal. there are like 2500 posts! shivacat, squirrelgirl22, meinnim are doing this as well. you can see the orig post here.

rootwork has a lot of informaton, particularly in this post...

i assume most of you have seen kanye west's statement, but if not, you can still see it at ohnotheydidnt. and Ted Koppel rips into the head of FEMA. you can try to get it here, but it is popular.

it's great to see all the posts about places to donate as well. has a list of options. on that list for animals - i hear petsmartcharities and noah's wish are doing good work. additionally Barry Manilow and the Manilow Fund for Health and Hope is tripling donations.

i know some folks are looking for alternatives to the red cross, so please keep listing ways to help here.
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Stomp Out Homophobia and Transphobia (in Toronto)!

Preamble: I was a TEACH volunteer for 3 years. I will do whatever workshops I can this year, but working 9 to 5 rules me out for 80% of the workshops. I want to point out that while this post may make it seem only about fighting discrimination again lg(b) people, I can assure you that TEACH addresses LGBTT concerns. A few of us even developted an anti-transphobia specific workshop. Many trannies have been a part of TEACH in the past. I want to ensure this continues, cause it's a brillant program!

Looking for a great volunteer opportunity?
Want to: Learn teaching, facilitation and public speaking skills, lead
workshops, connect with youth, earn $$$?

Join T.E.A.C.H. (Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia)

We are in search of YOUTH VOLUNTEERS aged 15-23 to facilitate anti-homophobia workshops for youth and service providers that challenge the myths and attitudes that lead to homophobia and discrimination in schools, shelters, group homes, and community settings across Toronto.
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