September 2nd, 2005

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  • koaloha

One Thing You Can Do For the Gulf Coast

I can't sleep. Can't stop thinking about people in the Gulf Coast and what the living are going through to stay alive. Prayers for the dead.

I keep thinking, "What can I do?"
The one thing:
I can save all the money I would have spent on anything other than transportation, food and medicine for two weeks and give it away to people that need it in the Gulf Coast.

If you can only manage one week of personal sacrifice on "luxury" or "pleasure" items like:
ice cream, wine, beer, hard liquor, tickets to shows or concerts, e-bay purchases, books, movie tickets, dinner in a restaurant, coffee, cigarettes...please do is surprising to see how much $ you can give away.

There are people dying in the streets of the Gulf Coast. They need some f*****g help.

*On another note: I'm volunteering to work at the Red Cross phone center here in NYC that is handling donation calls. If you are in NYC, please do the same, the call center will be running on volunteer power for months.

*It seems like everyone knows someone who has been affected. Send individuals money, send the Red Cross money, whatever, just get it out there.

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